RNDT-LEREVEIL is the main opposition party in CHAD. We were contacted to create a mobile application for the easy use of their different membrers.It is for this purpose that it makes this application available to all Chadians. Through this 21st century communication tool, all democrats who are passionate about Chad will be able to:

- Discover the authorities of the RNDT Le Réveil party;

- Analyze and share your observations on the Party's social project;

- Discover the governing bodies of the Party;

- Read and comment on the President's speeches;

- Participate live in conferences and meetings of the Party;

- Follow the activities of the Party and discuss with its leaders;

- Register online, pay dues and participate in Party activities online;

- Make a donation for election campaigns or buy Party products in its online store;

- Become an activist and participate in the monitoring of the elections as a delegate;

- etc.


The result is spectacular and really fit the client's needs. You can download and test the application on this page.

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