237POS (Desktop-B4J)

Designed by a group of experienced small business owner, 237POS is simple to set up and easy to use. The system delivers powerful analytics, intelligent inventory management tools, and much more to help you make smarter business decisions.

More than 1000 happy customers use 237POS to run a wide variety of businesses including, but not but not limited to, retail shops, quick serve restaurants, full service restaurants, and bars.


1. Download the 237POS App.

2. Sign in to your full account and create your store immediately.

3. Complete setup of your store then add categories and items to your store. 


• 237POS if Offline.

• Quick and easy transactions. Add items to any order via tapping, searching, or using a barcode scanner.

• Modify items prices at sales time to either overcharge or reduce price.

• Customize your register layout with either linear or tabular mode.

• Register payments via cash, credit card, cheques.

• Backup server to sync your sales data for your multple stores.

• Manage your entire inventory in one place. Keep track of top selling items, understand profit margins, and set up order triggers for when inventory gets low.

• Send email receipts to keep people engaged and coming back to your business.

• Track real-time sales data any time, anywhere from your tablet, including information on every transaction.

• Print and generate several reports  to PDF.

• Print receipts to ESC/POS printers via BLUETOOTH ,USB and WIFI.