Each product’s design consists of two codependent parts – user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). UX is the structural representation of the product’s content and its features. Good UX design should be based on thorough research, data analysis, and knowledge about the motor skills and psychological abilities of the end-user group. It should also take into account the company’s brand strategy, KPIs, and business goals and obstacles.

UX is about making digital products usable and practical, keeping the simplest possible visual styling. User interface design focuses on usability achieved through an aesthetically pleasing layout. The user interface is not only about an app’s screens. A designer needs to set the color palette, contrast, typography, and the final dimensions of components keeping in mind facets such as grid, baseline, responsiveness, and corporate brand identity.

UX design

User experience design lies at the base of the product design process, which, in a classic scenario, consists of the following steps. Starting with the discovery stage, we move further through ideation and concept, then wireframing, user testing, implementing recommendations - development, and finally, design handover, which is the project’s termination.

The first four steps are a part of UX design, whereas the final three steps form UI design. UX designers should first get to know the product’s potential customers as deeply as possible. They may conduct interviews, lead workshops, or spend time reading about brand strategy or the end-user group. After the UX designer gathers enough information, they begin preparing user flow maps, sitemaps, and product prototypes, which are subsequently tested with a select group of users.


Analyze your UX and check your market fit to know what improvements you should introduce. UX services will help you obtain valuable insights.


Implement knowledge-based changes to enhance user experience and conversions. Transform data into decisions that will help you achieve business goals.


Monitor how well the implemented solution achieves your goals. Our well-established practices and proven methods will help improve your ROI.

User research

User research focuses on understanding users’ behavior, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

This field of research aims to improve the usability of products by incorporating experimental and observational research methods to guide the design, development, and refinement of a product. User researchers often work alongside designers, engineers, and programmers in all stages of product creation and idealization.

Wireframes and prototypes

A wireframe is a basic visual interface guide that outlines the structure of an interface and the relationships between its pages. A wireframe serves as a blueprint that defines a project’s structure, content, and functionality. Wireframes are created before any visual design work starts so that the focus is on the information architecture without the distraction of color or visual elements.

A prototype, on the other hand, is a simulation or early sample version of a final product. The main goal of prototyping is to test a product or idea before investing time and money into development. You can mock up every interaction, show all the features and views so that it can be experienced the same way as a fully developed product without engaging a developer. Prototypes validate usability issues, reveal areas for improvement, and verify overall UX strategy.

User testing

As the name suggests, user testing involves evaluating the user experience of a product by testing it with a representative group of users.

Often, it takes the form of one-to-one interviews where researchers aim to gain insights into the usability of the product and the opinions of testers. Feedback is used to verify product design decisions and can be invaluable in preventing design errors and future redesign costs.

User Experience Design at 237SOFT

At 237SOFT, we always make sure the experiences we craft are not only delightful but also provide additional value to your users and your business. This is why UX design plays an important role in our digital transformation process.

237SOFT is an experienced UX design agency. We provide you with a full range of services, from business idea to product delivery. Firstly, you can create a unique value proposition before design or development starts.

We offer various research methods to collect the user insights necessary to ensure a tight fit between your product and your users’ needs. Our evaluation methods will increase the functional and business value of the product you are building, and our UX design team will help you capitalize on it – growing conversion rates, improving customer feedback, and achieving business success.

At 237SOFT, we understand that creating a successful digital product is not an easy job – it requires in-depth knowledge of your users, their behavior, and their needs. In order to obtain valuable insights, you will need to leverage the right tools.

Years of experience have enabled our designers to develop and verify distinct methods that enhance product usability, increase traffic, and improve conversions.



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